Canine and Technical Search

CanTF2's search dogs are a critical element of our team as their keen sense of smell allows them to quickly locate victims that might go undiscovered. All of the dog handlers on our team are civilian volunteers. The dogs are considered to be family pets by the handlers when the dogs are not on duty.  When on duty, these highly-trained dogs can quickly and effectively search collapsed buildings or evacuated areas for people who may be trapped.

Along with Search Dogs, our Technical Search Specialists use highly specialized equipment to search for victims of a disaster.  Using sensitive acoustic and seismic devices, the Search Specialists  can narrow down the areas where trapped patients may be.  Then, using telescoping and articulating-head cameras, the team can visualized the full patient situation and begin planning for the rescue.

Combined with the team's Search Dogs, these Technical Search Specialists make up our highly-trained Search Team.