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Disaster Response Team

IMT - Incident Management Team
Heavy Urban Search & Rescue
Flood Rescue 
Medical Support - EMAT
Structural Collapse Rescue
Logistics Support & Specialized Equipment
Communications Support
Canine & Technical Search
Rope Rescue



Disaster Response Team

IMT - Incident Management Team
Heavy Urban Search & Rescue
Flood Rescue 
Medical Support - EMAT
Structural Collapse Rescue
Logistics Support & Specialized Equipment
Communications Support
Canine & Technical Search
Rope Rescue


CanTF2 is an "all-hazards" Disaster Response Team, which can respond as a whole or in a combination of specialized modules.  With over 100 highly-trained members and over $4.5 million in specialized equipment, that is packed and ready to go, CanTF2 can respond quickly with the right people and the right equipment for almost any disaster situation.

Scroll down for details on some of our capabilities: 

  • IMT - Incident Management Team
  • Heavy Urban Search and Rescue (HUSAR) 
  • Flood Rescue
  • Medical Support - EMAT
  • Structural Collapse Rescue
  • Logistics Support & Specialized Equipment
  • Communications Support
  • Canine & Technical Search
  • Rope Rescue









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IMT - Incident Management Team

IMT - Incident Management Team

A CanTF2 Incident Management Team (IMT) is available for deployment 24 hours a day, and will assist and support local responders and Incident Command staff during extended duration incidents or for incidents that require staff with specialized training and extensive experience in Incident Command Systems (ICS).

Our IMT is a designated team of trained personnel from different departments, organizations, and jurisdictions. 

Our IMT is tailored to the requirements of each situation, but is typically deployed as a team of 10-20 trained personnel, representing multiple disciplines, who support complex incidents requiring a significant number of resources. This includes incidents that extend into multiple operational periods and require a written Incident Action Plan (IAP).  

Typical incidents can include:

  • weather-related disasters such as a tornado, earthquake, or flood; 
  • a public health emergency; 
  • terrorist incidents;
  • train derailments, aircraft incidents, and other large/complex accidents;
  • or a planned exercise or event.


Our Incident Management Team provides support to large emergencies by providing highly skilled Command and General Staff and unit leaders. This provides the local jurisdiction with the staff and expertise needed to organize, manage and document their incident objectives. IMT staff provide the critical resources that allow the Incident Commander to move the response forward in a safe and effective manner.



Heavy Urban Search & Rescue

Heavy Urban Search & Rescue



Can-TF2 is one of only four nationally recognized Heavy Urban Search and Rescue (HUSAR) teams in Canada.  The additional three teams are located in Vancouver (Can-TF1), Toronto (Can-TF3), and Manitoba (Can-TF4). Collectively, these four teams lead Canada's emergency response initiative in Urban Search and Rescue (USAR).

HUSAR Task Forces locate trapped persons in collapsed structures and other entrapments using specially trained dogs and electronic search equipment.  The Task Forces breach, shore, lift and remove structural components, use heavy construction equipment to remove debris, and medically treat and transfer victims.



As a HUSAR team, Can-TF2 responds with up to 70 specialized team members within 6 hours, via ground or air, and operates 24 hours a day for up to 14 days with the specialized equipment to be fully self-sustaining. 

Elements of a HUSAR team include:

  • Search (Canine and Technical Search)
  • Rescue (Structural Collapse, Rope Rescue, Confined Space Rescue)
  • Medical (Treatment for victims and rescuers)
  • Technical (Engineers, HazMat, and other specialties) 
  • Logistics (Providing for the needs of the team - equipment and facilities))
  • Command (An organized structure to manage the objective of the incident)

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Flood Rescue

Flood Rescue

CanTF2 provides both rescue and recovery during flood events.  Our team of boat crews can use any or all of our five (5) zodiac boats to navigate floodways seeking out people who have been trapped by the rising waters.  Crews search affected houses and buildings quickly and efficiently in areas that are normally difficult to access and citizens can be shuttled to evacuation areas quickly and efficiently with patient and rescuer safety in mind.


While search and rescue operations are underway, CanTF2 Logistics crews can begin to use any or all of our 23 large volume trash pumps to protect critical infrastructure and begin pumping out priority buildings.  Our fleet of large pumps can move 850 gallons per minute (3200L/min) of dirty, debris-filled flood water in order to quickly remediate a flood situation.  


Medical Support EMAT

Medical Support EMAT

The Emergency Medical Assistance Team (EMAT) is a group of CanTF2 Physicians and Advanced Care Paramedics who use specialized training to deploy a wide range of medical equipment in support of emergency incidents or planned events.

With the capacity to set up a First Aid post, Advanced Life Support medical tent, or our 53 foot tractor-trailer Mobile Field Clinic, our EMAT team provides the highest level of care available in the field.

Specialized equipment includes:

  • 18' x 35' Medical Tent including; triage, minor treatment, and emergency care areas and equipment
  • Mobile Clinic trailer (53' double-decker tractor-trailer unit) including; indoor office area, washroom, and 1600 square feet of fully enclosed awning space
  • Portable Oxygen Generator, providing direct patient oxygen and cylinder re-filling capacity

Our EMAT Physicians and Paramedics are trained to work within disaster zones and have special training to treat many of the complex conditions found during disaster rescue situations, such as:

  • Crush Injuries (structural collapse);
  • Suspension Syndrome (rope rescue); 
  • Blast Injuries (terrorism and accidental causes); and 
  • Chemical/Biological/Radiological/Nuclear Exposure (HAZMAT)


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Structural Collapse Rescue

Structural Collapse Rescue

CanTF2 Rescue Specialists are trained in structural collapse rescue and are available for response to collapsed or failing structures.  On scene, these members perform the following:

  • recon of affected areas
  • hasty search methods to determine where victims may be
  • shoring areas of collapse to ensure safety of patients and rescuers
  • breaching and breaking to gain access to trapped patients
  • medical treatment and safe removal of all patients from collapsed structures

Rescue Specialist are trained and have advanced equipment to deal with trapped patients in all building types, including: 

  • heavy timber or wood frame construction
  • concrete and masonry construction
  • steel frame construction
  • reinforced concrete and steel







Logistics Support & Specialized Equipment

Logistics Support & Specialized Equipment

In order to provide self-sustaining support to our 70 member team for up to 14 days, we have a variety of equipment that can be modularized to support smaller incidents as well.

Equipment Transport and Loading

  • 1 x Highway Tractor with sleeper cab
  • 1 x 5 ton flat deck truck with 2 ton crane on deck (4x4 crew cab)
  • 1 x 3/4 ton pickup truck with 900lb crane in box
  • 2 x 53 foot curtain-side, highway semi-trailers
  • 1 x 48 foot curtain-side, highway semi-trailers
  • 1 x 40 foot goose-neck flat deck trailer with hydraulic ramp on rear
  • 2 x 20 foot enclosed cargo trailers
  • 2 x Moffett Mounty forklifts (can attach to rear of semi-trailers to provide unloading of equipment on-scene)
  • 1 x 10,000lb Telehandler/Zoomboom forklift with 42 foot reach

Tent Shelter and Lodging


Our military style tent structures are quick and easy to deploy, fully lit, and are capable of A/C and/or heat to provide comfortable, dry workable space.  Our tents can be used alone or attached/booted together to provide flexibility in a variety of applications, such as:

  • Command Post
  • Sleeping Dorms (12-14 cots per tent - 200 cots available)
  • Medical Tent
  • Decontamination Tent
  • Kitchen/Dining
  • Cache or Communications Storage and Setup
  • Shower/Toilet Facility setup
  • Forward Operating Base

We have a wide variety of tent sizes and configurations, including:

  • 14 x Model 307 - 18' x 35' Rectangle
  • 2 x Model 205 - 14' x 25' Rectangle
  • 1 x Model 203 - 14' x 15' Rectangle
  • 1 x Model 8D Dome - 37' x 31' Oval
  • 1 x Model 6D Dome - 31' x 31' Circle

Power Generation and Lighting

We have a variety of lighting and power generation options including:


  • 1 x 50 kW Cummins DGHE 110/220V, 3 Phase, Trailer Mounted Generator
  • 1 x 12 kW Yamaha 110/220V
  • 5 x 11 kW Kubota 110/220V
  • 2 x 6.5 Yamaha 110/220V
  • 5 x 6.1 kW Cummins Onan 110V/220V - air deployable
  • 5 x 3 kW Honda 110V - air deployable
  • 4 x 2 kW Honda 110V - air deployable


  • 5 x Powermoon Tripod Mounted Large Area lighting (25,000 sq ft of lighting per light)
  • 10 x FoxFury  Nomad 360 Portable Tripod light - 110V and/or battery powered
  • 12 x FoxFury Nomad Prime Portable Tripod light - 110V and/or battery powered
  • 10 x Pelican Handheld Spotlights - batter powered

Mobile Kitchen

  • 32 foot enclosed trailer with a stainless steel industrial kitchen inside, including sinks, oven, grill, stove, fridge and freezer
  • Dome tent (31' x 37') can be attached to rear door/ramp of trailer as a Dining Tent
  • Capable of supporting the dietary needs of 70 people


With two separate systems (tent mounted and trailer enclosed), we have the capacity to provide remote shower and toilet facilities to staff at large incidents.

  • Mobile Trailer - 3 stalls with toilet, sink and shower - A/C & Heat in stalls, heated shower water and on-board fresh water supply
  • Tent Mounted - remote facilities including; 9 sinks, 6 incinerator toilets, and 4 shower stalls, with fresh and grey water storage bladders 

Water Purification

With two separate systems, we can provide up to 155,000 litres of purified water per day of safe drinking water from fresh water sources: wells, lakes, ponds, rivers or floodwaters

  • the Nomad portable water purification system is capable of producing 36,000 gallons / 136,800 liters per day 
  • the Global Hydration unit is capable of producing 5,000 gallons / 19,000 litres per day
  • our 20 foot enclosed Water Purification trailer provides a secure place to set up these units and secure storage tanks to keep water as it is purified



Communications Support

Communications Support

With a wide variety of communications equipment and the support of our highly trained Communications Specialists to manage it, CanTF2 can provide numerous systems to support a diverse communications network during an emergency or large planned event.

Our equipment includes:

  • Portable radios including 400MHz, 800MHz, and FRS frequencies
  • Multi-band radios covering 400MHz, 700MHz, 800MHz, UHF and VHF
  • Portable repeater units in 400MHz and 800MHz frequencies
  • Satellite Radios including portable SatRad 'Go Kits'
  • Radio interconnect hardware to link disparate radio systems  
  • Satellite Data and Voice technology
  • Wireless Mesh Network system, including both portable and fixed systems allowing for a secure network to stream live video and instant messaging from the incident site, back to the command post

Our team has the capabilities to access the Alberta First Responder Radio Communications System (AFRRCS) once it is commissioned.  AFRRCS is a province wide two-way radio network that allows first responder agencies (fire fighters, police, ambulances etc.) in the province to use the same radio communications technology. It ensures first responders can more easily communicate with one another and improve coordination among agencies.



Canine & Technical Search

Canine & Technical Search

Canine and Technical Search

CanTF2's search dogs are a critical element of our team as their keen sense of smell allows them to quickly locate victims that might go undiscovered. All of the dog handlers on our team are civilian volunteers. The dogs are considered to be family pets by the handlers when the dogs are not on duty.  When on duty, these highly-trained dogs can quickly and effectively search collapsed buildings or evacuated areas for people who may be trapped.

Along with Search Dogs, our Technical Search Specialists use highly specialized equipment to search for victims of a disaster.  Using sensitive acoustic and seismic devices, the Search Specialists  can narrow down the areas where trapped patients may be.  Then, using telescoping and articulating-head cameras, the team can visualized the full patient situation and begin planning for the rescue.

Combined with the team's Search Dogs, these Technical Search Specialists make up our highly-trained Search Team. 



Rope Rescue

Rope Rescue


CanTF2 Rescue Specialists are trained in rope rescue for the primary purpose of gaining access to patients in confined spaces or collapsed structures.  Rescue Specialists can create rope systems which enable them to work and use heavy rescue equipment in areas that would otherwise be inaccessible.  These Rescue Specialists can then also create rope systems that can be used to lift, move and lower patients out of danger and into safe areas for treatment.

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