A CanTF2 Incident Management Team (IMT) is available for deployment 24 hours a day, and will assist and support local responders and Incident Command staff during extended duration incidents or for incidents that require staff with specialized training and extensive experience in Incident Command Systems (ICS).

Our IMT is a designated team of trained personnel from different departments, organizations, and jurisdictions. 

Our IMT is tailored to the requirements of each situation, but is typically deployed as a team of 10-20 trained personnel, representing multiple disciplines, who support complex incidents requiring a significant number of resources. This includes incidents that extend into multiple operational periods and require a written Incident Action Plan (IAP).  

Typical incidents can include:

  • weather-related disasters such as a tornado, earthquake, or flood; 
  • a public health emergency; 
  • terrorist incidents;
  • train derailments, aircraft incidents, and other large/complex accidents;
  • or a planned exercise or event.


Our Incident Management Team provides support to large emergencies by providing highly skilled Command and General Staff and unit leaders. This provides the local jurisdiction with the staff and expertise needed to organize, manage and document their incident objectives. IMT staff provide the critical resources that allow the Incident Commander to move the response forward in a safe and effective manner.