Individuals who meet the following requirements and criteria will be eligible to become Backlink Specialist. The intent of these requirements is to select functional managers capable of effectively managing and supervising the planning component in the urban disaster environment. The requirements and criteria for the position are identified in the following categories:
•    Knowledge
•    Skills
•    Abilities

The Backlink Specialist must:
1.    Have an awareness of other disaster organizations;
2.    Be knowledgeable about municipal purchasing;
3.    Have a previous project manager experience;
4.    Have sufficient knowledge to develop a written or verbal report on the Rear Party status;
5.    Have knowledge of supervisory and personnel management skills; and
6.    Have knowledge and understanding of rescue equipment and tools.

The Backlink Specialist must:
1.    Have excellent computer skills in the areas of word, excel, web, and inventory tracking software; and
2.    Possess good interagency coordination skills.

The Backlink Specialist should have :
1.    Loadmaster certification for ground and air;
2.    TDG certification, both ground and air;
3.    Understanding of and/or experience with heavy equipment; and
4.    Previous experience dealing with Engineers.

The Backlink Specialist must have:
1.    The ability to work well with technical experts, local officials, and other organizations;
2.    The ability to be flexible, to improvise, resolve conflicts, and solve problems;
3.    An ability to manage assigned personnel, specialized equipment, and support resources during disaster situations; and
4.    The ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing.

The Task Force Backlink Specialist is responsible for all home-based logistical needs of the team and information transfer to Calgary Fire Department and STARS during a deployment. The Backlink Specialist Team members report to the Logistics Section Chief. The Backlink Specialist is responsible for:
•    Establishing liaison with other internal agencies/organizations and officials throughout the incident;
•    Work with the Logistics Chief to develop the logistical plan;
•    Coordinate purchasing and securing goods and services for the deployed team;
•    Along with the Logistics Chief, responsible for the cache, and its maintenance, tracking,  deployment/demobilization; 
•    Responsible for the dispersal of information to the Calgary Fire Department and STARS during a deployment; 
•    Providing situation reports and maintaining records and reports;
•    Oversee website updates as it pertains to the family portal during deployments;
•    Providing accountability, maintenance, and minor repairs for all issued equipment; and
•    Performing additional tasks or duties as assigned during a mission.