The Technical Search Specialist is responsible for performing the technical search function of the task force incident operation. The Technical Search Specialist reports directly to the Search Manager.

Individuals who meet the following requirements and criteria will be eligible to become Technical Search Specialists in the USAR Response System. The intent of these requirements is to select competent personnel, fully capable of providing state-of-the-art search techniques and tactics required, in the urban disaster environment. The requirements and criteria for the position are identified in the following categories:
•    Knowledge
•    Skills
•    Abilities

The Technical Search Specialist must have:
1.    Completed the USAR Technical Search Specialist Course;
2.    Be proficient in the operation and maintenance of all USAR Technical Search equipment and maintain proficiency as technology changes;
3.    Knowledge of the capabilities and operations of the canine search component;
4.    A practical knowledge of search strategy and tactics;
5.    A practical knowledge of the theory and types of building construction and collapse;
6.    Knowledge of the technical search equipment included in a TF equipment cache; and
7.    Successful completion of the Structural Collapse Technician course is desirable but not required.

The Technical Search Specialist must:
1.    Be proficient at performing basic electronic trouble shooting, in the field;
2.    Be proficient in the operation of selected technical electronic search equipment in the disaster environment and have a thorough familiarization of the manufacturer’s   manuals and technical publications, as provided;
3.    Be proficient in applying search tactics, strategy, and procedures at collapse sites; and
4.    Be proficient in land navigation and site mapping.

The Technical Search Specialist must:
1.    Possess the ability to assess structural integrity, hazards and victim medical condition through the use of technical search equipment;
2.    Have the ability to be flexible, improvise, share information and resolve conflict;
3.    Be able to effectively communicate orally and in writing all findings; and
4.    Be able to operate in all natural and manmade disaster environments.

Description of Duties

The Technical Search Specialist is responsible for:
•    Searching structures in USAR environments or other locations indicated in the mission assignment, utilizing appropriate technical search equipment and techniques;
•    Documenting locations of alerts and, if possible, triaging the status of victims for rescue;
•    Adhering to all safety procedures;
•    Cooperating with and assisting other search and rescue resources;
•    Providing accountability, maintenance, and minor repairs of all issued equipment; and
•    Performing additional tasks or duties as assigned during a mission.